Seamless Aluminium Gutter Installation


All old gutters are to be carefully removed where applicable.
The gutters are extruded to lengths required. An internal gutter bracket is fitted at 450mm centres maximum. The stop ends are pushed on and crimped into position and sealed with silicone sealant (Dow Corning 791 – approved sealant). The gutter will be carefully lifted onto the fascia and direct fixed with Reisser countersunk screws. Where required 90°/135° corners can be fitted, these are riveted to the gutter. The corner joints are sealed internally with approved sealant. A hole is cut to form an outlet in the base of gutter to suit the location of each downpipe. A leaf trap outlet will be fitted and sealed with an approved sealant, which enables the connection from the gutter to the downpipe.
Other types of fixing may be necessary when buildings have no fascia.

The Machines are carefully constructed roll forming machines, that form the gutter by passing the Aluminium coil through a series of rollers and guides allowing a continuous gutter to be formed, that is both pleasing in appearance and practical in use.
The Metal is 0.7mm / 0.9mm gauge Aluminium coil 300mm wide and pre-finished with a scratch resistant polyester paint finish. The coil colours are Black, White, Dark Brown and Anthracite Grey which is a new popular colour available.

Stop End mechanically formed using materials as detailed above.
Gutter Bracket extruded Aluminium heavy gauge fitted internally to preserve the smooth gutter line
Leaf Trap fitted into the hole outlet position joining the gutter and pipe together. Also prevents debris from entering the downpipe.
These products have been approved by the British Board of Agreement. The decorative life of these products is at least 20 years and in less aggressive environments an ultimate life of 30 years might be expected.