Plygene Gutter Solutions


Concrete Gutters were cast in narrow blocks and placed side by side to create a rigid concrete gutter. They are positioned on top of the brick course at roof level sitting both on the internal and external walls
Concrete gutters were made in a number of shapes and sizes, however the most common is Finlock gutter found on most domestic properties.
Below we have illustrated the style of gutter likely to be used on your property.
The problem with the system is that no allowance was made to accommodate the differential movement that occurs in a building, often resulting in the break down off the gutter joints, which can allow water to penetrate into the building, causing damp and damage to your internal decorations and staining on the external walls. Numerous solutions have been tried with varying degrees of success.

Southern Gutter Systems can offer a long term solution to this problem by inserting a secondary liner into your existing concrete gutters. For this we use a material called 'PlygeneTM' which is an exceptionally durable and long lasting plastic membrane specifically formulated for this type of work.


Installation: This system requires specialist knowledge and training to install successfully.
Please see our Installation section on our website to view fitting method.